Neural Mix & Looper only for iOS?!

Right now i think Djay for iOS is more Pro than Djay Mac and is not fair …

In my opinion,
I think that is the point, Mobile.
Mark my words it’ll be the iPad, not a Mac that’ll be the device.
I’ve been using my iPad only, no 3rd party anything to record my mixes for years. I only have a Mac because in the past you needed the Mac to create the end cue points and of course iTunes to categorize my library.
Since then, the iPad can them both
(except “Smart Playlist”).
Only the iPad and the Pencil. Who would have ever thought using a stylist to mix. I wouldn’t have dreamed that in 1982.
This Neural Mic is good. I tried it.
But needs the ability to set effects automatically to hide that weird side effect that you can hear.

No. But you can organize your library straight from Djay with out involving itunes

Virtual DJ have just released the latest version of their software on PC and Mac and it has identical isolating features. So it is possible to have this functionality on a computer not using the Apple mobile chips.

You can manage iTunes on iPad without Macbook?!

It seems that feature has some silicon dependencies. Maybe with a new Macbook Pro generation? Algoriddim team, a statement from your side is highly appreciated!
Thanks, Thorsten

OK let’s clear the air. I love Djay Pro & I love Djay for iOS. Let me tell you something about the history of the word Pro in the PRO audio world. All performers strive to be Pro and the word in itself is a promise of sorts that said item will be what you need to make that happen. Just because something has the word Pro does not make it Pro. Case in point NO SW here is to be taken literally in that where do you go (professionally) and see this software waiting there for you to use? If you didn’t bring it… it isn’t there. The mobile SW is being WAYYYYYY more funded and this is the reason for all the features being added to it. Just like the Mac SW sees more funding and features than the Windows version. Fun to talk about and fun to use but let’s keep thins in perspective. They are both novelty SW to basically emulate DJing… Again I do love them though and they are fun to play around with. With the loss of Spotify I will be using it almost never now though. This new Nerual mix feature was also released by another SW… VIRTUAL DJ… what does this tell you? LOL

The thing is DJing is not heading toward either of these apps. They are both toys. VDJ is powerful but lacks in the areas that matter most. It carries an undeserved stigma as well. Point being is you do not see any professional DJ’s using VDJ who are not on the VDJ payroll. I am not saying anyone has to be a sheep I am just stating an indisputable fact.

These are BOTH most likely using THE code (or a similar code) to the Spleeter project provided my deezer.

Isn’t VDJ like 10x the price though ? For a £36 app on an iPad it doesn’t take a genius to know where DJing is headed.