Neural Mix midimapping on controllers


Any suggestions on midimmaping knobs, faders or pads to Neural Mix fucntions?
Which ones to use for better perfomance?
I use a Reloop Beatpad2, but any suggestions are welcomed! 


Same for me :
Pioneer DDJ200 + Reloop Mixtour
i remapped the FX knobs of the Mixtour to control drums melody and vocals
and i remapped the buttons of the mixtour to act as a quick mute for drums melody and vocals too

the new virtualDJ implementation of their Neural mix for knobs seems better : you can turn on the left to remove a stem or on the right to isolate it. i asked to Algoriddim if it could be possible to do the same but they replied : not yet possible …

I used the FX knobs + Shift on my Reloop Mixon 4
but would love to see if anyone else has better ideas. 

I just ises the fx knobs for drums, melody and vocals. Same order as in the app. Fx are not very useful as knobs, I always use the fx on max, so I kept the buttons for fx.
I have a Denon MC7000.