Neural Mix missing?

Sorry for asking what may end up being an obvious answer to those more familiar to the program, but the neural mix function does not appear on my IPad Air 3 despite it working as intended on my iPhone.

I have the paid pro version and just mess with the program at home, so not a pro. However, I love the isolation function and wonder why it’s missing on my iPad despite it showing as an EQ option in the settings menu. Yet, the N doesn’t show in the normal spot in either portrait or landscape mode. It’s the latest version of Djay Pro AI and the IPad while older is still compatible with the app since it goes to OS 15.

Maybe it only works on one device? The function won’t work unless it’s the latest version of OS on iPad, which my older iPad can’t access/install? Maybe I’m an idiot? All possible, so if anyone can help me with the answer - I’d appreciate it!

Strange as it works on my iPad 6th gen(albeit a bit slow) but not on my iPad 5th gen…
iPad Air 3 is obviously much newer so there shouldn’t be any reason for it not to

Right? I guess I feel a little better knowing someone else noticed this. Naturally, I never really need this function but now it doesn’t seem enabled - I need it more than anything.

Again, it works on my iPhone and I’m using the same settings on iPad so I’m wondered if it has a min OS requirement now.

Happy to upgrade my iPad if that’s the case, but figured I’d ask before buying something I really don’t use anymore than when I put it in my iday controller

It is probably one of the best features of the app,
Although as it has been discussed of recent, The Virtual Dj version is cleaner than the Algoriddim one…
Hopefully that will change inn the not too distant future…

Hello, I have the same problem, Neural Mix works on my Iphone 13 but it has disappeared from the screen of my Ipad mini 4, and I see no way to display it. Do you know what can I do ?

Ive noticed the same thing - even if a bit late to this discussion. it works on a newer ipad but not an older one. Did we ever get any answer?

Hey @Emmanuel - Welcome to the Community! Thanks for your first post.

For all of you on this thread (@suecolton , @James_Van_Pelt , @maurizio_T ), unfortunately, Neural Mix is not compatible with all iOS devices! Some simply do not have the processing power required for this feature. You can find a list of compatible devices with Neural Mix via the link below:

I hope this helps! Feel free to reach out here in the Community if you have any further questions or suggestions, and have a great day!

Thanks Alyx for sending this around. I do have a compatible IPad (9th Generation) and it had neural compatibility until a few weeks ago but that’s suddenly disappeared. Apple think its not now compatible with the IOS 16.5 update and only those on a lower IOS (16.4 ??) but with a compatiable IPad can use it. Has anyone else had this problem and can you at Algoriddim check if its really still compatible post the update? That would be great if you go - thanks so much .

Hey @suecolton - Thanks for getting back.

Could you explain further what the exact behavior is? Are you receiving an error message saying that it is not compatible?

If you could please provide a screenshot along with more details, it would be very helpful to understand where the issue might be! Thanks in advance.