Neural Mix needs an enhancement

Since Virtual Dj and Serato has theirs last Stems version, Neural Mix has become a little obsolete in quality terms. Please you should enhance the Neural Mix functionality.


I think everyone knows Djay pro AI stem quality is now lagging behind. Don’t be surprised though if it does get upgraded with also the need to upgrade your iPad, phone or computer to at least M1. Maybe they have held off because this would mean a good percentage of users would be isolated straight away by not having the resources to make such a leap. I would like to see a Stem Quality setting in the next upgrade to ensure all users and majority of system’s are catered for. Let’s see what happens. I would imagine that 95% of Djay Pro AI users are fun and hobbyist users. Algorithm really don’t want to isolate them but at same time need to improve quality.

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I’m 50% agree with you because there a huge reason to understand that Djay Pro Ai has the “Pro” in its own name, if I’m paying for a professional product I expect that it behaves like “Pro”. So maybe could be a “lite version”, but doesn’t matter what pro requirements are gonna be… does it make sense? Anyway Serato requirements are not as far as M1 (intel core i5 is enough), and the stems in Serato works pretty nice.

I’m pretty sure this statistic works for all DJ software. :wink:


Hi everyone,

Just wanted to pop in and say thank you for the feedback regarding the current state of Neural Mix.

We’ve made sure to pass along all of this feedback for continued improvements to the feature with our engineering team.

Have a fantastic day!

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Interesting article from Digital DJ Tips comparing STEMs quality and performance:

I like this article too. Djay pro 5 comes out strong.

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