Neural Mix on Beatpad 2

Hi, I’m listening to a Buddy and I’m very happy with the neuralmix. I also wanted to buy a beatpad 2 but I don’t understand if it is possible to map the commands relating to the neuralmix and how to do it and above all if it is possible to do it

Hi @guru1073,

It should be pretty easy to custom edit the built-in MIDI mapping for the Beatpad 2 to control various Neural Mix functions.

  1. You could change one of the Performance Pad Modes that you don’t use to Mute and/or Solo the various Neural Mix parts.
  2. You could also map SHIFT+Headphone Cue buttons to Toggle your EQ knobs between regular EQs and Neural Mix EQs.
  3. In the meantime, here’s a MIDI Mapping Guide for iOS
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