Neural MixTM sounds badass !

During my brief tenure as a mediocre Drum and Bass producer this would have been a godsend (assuming it works as advertised).

It is a cool gimmick, but would only be useful if it can be used at least in 2 deck mode… so one could make mashups on the go…

Yeah found it too, very nice.

Hi, Thank you for checking out our new feature. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do :slight_smile: Neural Mix is also available in 2 Deck mode to blend tracks and create mashups. You can find it in the tool section. Cheers Lukas E.

IOS only? Boooo!

Gimmick? I assume you haven’t tried it or seen the videos on it or read about it? It works very well and already people are mapping their EQ knobs to Neural Levels.
I’m sure it will come to Mac at some point, it’s just Ipad’s are more powerful and more consistent across the range than macs.