New BPMs Analysis Problem with Djay Pro 5.0.1

I’m running macOS Monterey 12.7.1 (21G920) and Djay Pro 5.0.1

I recently re-analyised an previous playlist… before all the BPMs were in two digits, but now I have a mix or two and three digit results, but when I want to play a newly analysied 86BPM track with a 172BPM track I cannot do this manually now… but if I try it using Sync… eventhough the BPMs are way way way off… I can see the 86BPM tempo adjust slider has moved to match the 172BPM track on the right and if I do the SyncMix, the blend pefectly.

Can someone please explain what is going on with this mismatch BPMs issue… and how can I now trust this new BPM analysis…?

I’m using TIDAL HIFI as my music source.


Using the grid editing can you not half the bpm of the blackball track?


This new update messed up half my beatgrids and now I can’t fix them. It won’t let me put the start marker on the downbeat.

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How do I do that… ?

When I analyzed these tracks before using Version 4… that Blackball track displayed as 86BPM, why is it now 172BPM ? Does that make sense to you Dysfunk_DJ ?

Thanks for taking the time to reply Dysfunk_DJ, it’s very much appreciated.

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Very sorry to hear that MontyJoe :frowning: All my extensive cue marks are gone off previously marked up tracks also… but I can get over that once I can 100% trust the new BeatGrids and BPM analysis… but seeing this issue that I have as per my post… this is a worry. I shit you not… :frowning:

Maybe pointing out the obvious here, but 172 BPM is actually correct.

DnB tracks often get labelled at half the tempo by a lot of tools.

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Yes it makes sense. It’s using a higher BPM resolution, 86BPM is exactly 1/2 of 172BPM, so it’s counting the BPM twice as fast.

You can change this two ways:

  1. You can manually 1/2 or double the BPM to better match the other track. In these examples, I doubled the BPM twice from 49.7 to to 99.4 to 198.8. Notice the /2 and x2 buttons underneath the BPM (and the beat grid icon highlighted in blue).

  2. You can also set the BPM analysis range in Settings > Library

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I’m new to DnB… so that makes sense, as I didn’t see this type of BPM fluctuation with my standard TECHNO tracks and playlists… thank you Mister_Tuur for your input

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