New computer not logging in to tidal

Djay pro won’t log into tidal. I put my email address in and can’t continue as I just get a red circle with a line through it so can’t progress.
Email is right

@David_Gort have you tried logging into the Tidal mobile app or browser version outside of djay? Tidal was having issues with their servers or something recently.

Yeah I can login on my mobile and online but not in the djay app. Even tried facebook login but it’s not moving of the login page

I can’t log in to Tidal either. This is the same computer I’ve used the software on for years.

The login screen is stuck at entering your email address. I can’t progress any further.

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Logging in to Tidal from the desktop app, browser and phone works; just not in djay pro

It looks like a djay app fault as it work fine but won’t log into djay

I have the same exact issue!! lmk if you find a fix!!

Will do but think it’s a software issue so need to try and speak with djay which isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Yeah I had recently bought a new laptop and it worked on my old one but not my new one. I can use downloaded music but can’t sign into tidal.

Same thing is happening to me on the Windows app! Can’t login

@David_Gort @LasseKrarup @Tyler_Doyle @Bryce Tidal has recently been making changes to their service. This issue could also be due to already being signed in and online with another device. Please try logging out of Tidal on all other devices first then logging in again in djay.

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