New DDJ-Wego3 and Djay2 for iPad keep disconnecting

I just got the Pioneer DDJ-Wego3 as a gift and bought Djay2 for the iPad. The software keeps disconnecting from the Wego3 after brief use. Has anyone else had this problem?

Can you suggest any fixes? I’ve reinstalled Djay2 on the iPad, re-booted both the iPad and the Wego3, and all firmer is up to date…


Do you use an iPad?

Lucas, it seems like this is an issue which many experience. Any ideas on how to resolve?

If your happy with the cable, I’d try another ipad first. Then try it with dj player pro. The last update of dj player hasn’t worked well for alot of people so could be that.

Oops I mean djay pro

Sounds like a broken wego, or a broken connection cable, or broken connections inside the ipad. Probably not a software isseu. Try another ipad, then another cable.

Dj player?

Hi Kevin,
I have had the same issue as you describe. I have a DDJ-WEGO3, Djay 2 and an iPad 3 (using this cable… ).
When reconnecting the cable it can work for quite awhile (a week or more) without the issue.

Now, when I changed to Djay Pro for iPad there has not been any issue at all!

My conclusion thus is that there is a software issue (Djay 2). So it would be good if support could have a look at this.

Hi again, I use latest version of Djay Pro for iPad, as said above, and now when I updated to iOS version 9.2.1 the connectivity issues reappeared!

Must admit now that the issue I am having is totally related to the cable! I have observed this very closely and tiny movements of the cable make the software disconnect from the controller. Sorry to have bothered you with focusing on the software! Cheers

I am bringing this issue up again.

I finally got a new cable, the…
, as the communication between the iPad and the WEGO3 kept interrupting.

It seemed as that resolved the issue. However after some days the issue reappeared. So the status now is that the communication between the iPad and the WEGO3 is broken haphazardly. AND IT IS SO FRUSTRATING.

What thoughts do you have? Is it the software, the iPad or the WEGO3? Have you heard from people having the same problem?

Best regards

Yes it charges nicely.

Now I have tested with an iPad mini 2 together with my DDJ-WEGO3, and thus with the lightning connector. It worked nicely without disconnecting.
So it could be that either my iPad 3, or the WeCAi30 cable is causing the issue.

Hi guys, 

thank you all for your feedbacks!
We tried to reproduce the connectivity problem which DJ Boum Boum described with no success. djay 2 and djay Pro are treating midi devices equally so we assume this is more of an hardware problem.
 @Kevin Harmon
Could you send us an image of your setup and do you have the possibility to try another iPad or iOS device or even another cable? That would help us a lot in order to reproduce your problem. 

Thank you guys in advance and we are thankfully for every information you can provide regarding this problem.

Lukas E.

Hey there,

I am very sorry to hear that.
If you dont start djay is the connection between the iPad and the controller stable (does it charge)?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hello all, I have been using Djay 2 with my wego3 for some time now and it just started this issue of disconnecting. I unplugged it and it works for a brief time then disconnects again. Any suggestions?