New device not working

I just received a new apple iPad Air Gen 4 for Christmas and when I downloaded the djay app on the new device I went to my tidal streaming music and it is not showing up it keeps telling me to check my subscription which I have, but when I use the app on my iPhone everything works just fine, why is not working on my iPad?

Hi Mike,

Please make sure you’re using the same Apple ID on all of your devices. Your djay subscription is tied to your Apple ID.

If you already have a valid TIDAL subscription, could you please try logging out of TIDAL in djay by going to Settings => Library => Log out of TIDAL, and then logging in to your TIDAL account again in djay by accessing the TIDAL library?

If you’re still having the issue, please tell us what djay and iOS version (number) is running on each device.

Cheers, G