New DJ Software for Studio DJ beatmixing

Hi Algoriddim
I will be very cool if Algoriddim make a DJ Software for Studio DJ beatmixing where DJs could beatmixing 12-inch records. In the DJ beatmixing workspace, the user should easily find tracks that match by KEY, BPM and Energy for the perfect beatmixing. Feature like music separation where the user can split the audio into pieces with help of AI. Please make a creative workspace with timeline for DJs that will made perfect DJ Mix.

Here is how the DJ workspace could look like:

  • One Timeline

  • Two or more Tracks (importing Music number to Track)

  • Adjusting of tempo (BPM) and Keys

  • Auto match of Music Numbers (BPM, Key and energy)

  • Music browser with BPM, Key and energy

  • Waveforms, Cuepoints, beat (In the Track)

  • Mixer - Volume points that Can be edited

  • AI Music seperation In Tracks

Djay Pro = Live DJs
Djay Pro with timeline = Studio DJs

Djay Pro as a DAW! Maybe is also was an idea to record a live DJ set in Djay Pro and have the possibility to edit the DJ set afterwards.


Thank you for your detailed suggestion. The thread was forwarded and we are happy that you shared the request with us. It would be nice if other users can share their thoughts on the topic as well or use the voting feature to share their demands.

Please comments and vote