New DJay app not showing up in Audio Bus 3

How do I use the new DJay through AudioBus 3? What good is Abeleton Link without Audio Bus to control and route audio.

It’s not supported yet.

Got this from Algoriddim support:

Audiobus is currently not supported in the new djay for iOS although I am happy to tell you that Ableton Link is now supported.

I use it to stream sets online.

Audiobus is currently not supported in the new djay for iOS app, but we would love to hear what use cases you are aiming to solve by using Audiobus with djay, so that we can figure out how to make these possible in a future update.

For example would support for Audio Unit effect plugins on the master output help?


Au Plugins would be awesome !!!

Why not?

Audiobus with Ableton Link is the killer feature combo I’ve been waiting for.

Audiobus with Ableton Link allows you to synchronize two or more audio apps together with a mixer in between them. This would allow, for example, using Novation Launchpad and Djay together on the same device.

Audiobus also would allow you to send Djay output through IAA filters that rely on Ableton Link information to apply effects synchronized to a beat – like Moog Filtatron.

I was so glad to see Ableton Link support added – it was clearly your most requested feature on these forums. But by simultaneously removing Audiobus support, you broke most of the use cases I had in mind for Ableton Link.

These features, in combination, are the key to a multi-app tool-based approach to iOS sound production, which is a main draw of the iOS platform for me, second only to portability.

Audio Unit support would also be good, but in my experience this integration is always less flexible and more unstable than letting two apps run independently.

I suspect I am not alone in wanting this, but people are just too busy dealing with more serious bugs from the transition at the moment.

All the more reason to delete the new djay pro(?really) and subscription bill and stick keep djay 2 which works. Such a bad call. Come on now…