New djay for IOS - Local file system access?

Kinda feeling a little dumb, but not seeing where I can load songs stored on local iPad iCloud/folder into new djay as I could in djay pro. Is this still available or can we only play from iTunes library or Spotify?

Same. But drag and drop in split screen from files to Djay works

Hi guys,

yes the “Files” section is on our agenda and will be added to the new djay for iOS soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience, at the moment using the Side by Side feature is a workaround.

Lukas E.

ok i figured that out, had to watch a youtube tutorial , now i am trying to figure how to remove the tracks from the playlist that i loaded them too, no option

hmmm, looks like you can pull a song from the file system but not direct from icloud directory, yea if we could have that like it was before , that would be great, Dropbox also., thanks…

Thank you again Lukas, you’re a busy man I can tell LOL