New DJay for IOS major accessibility issue


As a long time user of DJay Pro for Mac and a totally blind professional DJ I was interested to see the new DJay for IOS.

The accessibility of DJay for Mac has been outstanding and has allowed me to use the software every week to run a successful DJ/events business without compromising in not being able to see the screen.

Most areas of DJay Pro for Mac are useable with Voiceover, the built in screen reader for Apple products. A big thank you to the team for their continued support in this area.

A big thank you too for making the new IOS version very accessible with voiceover as well.
Pretty much all aspects are useable as with the Mac version, apart from one major aspect.

I might be missing something, but using a midi controller using the “browse” rotary knob to scroll up and down playlists, tracks etc. voiceover doesn’t read out the items that are being scrolled through.

On the Mac if you roll the knob then voiceover reads each item that it passes in the list so it’s possible to know what I am selecting at any time.

On the Mac when I use a button mapped to “switch library table” it will also read out as I switch between the different sections. So I know if I have landed on a list of playlists, tracks or the queue for instance.
This doesn’t happen in the new IOS version either.

Is there a way to get the IOS version to perform in the same way as the Mac version when it comes to this area of Voiceover access?

I am guessing it’s something to do with Voiceover not following the focus of the area of the screen that is being selected/moved around.

I’m using it on the new Ipad Pro 2018 and would love to have this as a replacement for my aging 2013 MacBook but as it stands it’s really not useable in a real world situation at gigs.
It’s too awkward to have to keep leaving the controller and reaching for the ipad to have to navigate the lists and then back to the controller every time.

I’ve subscribed to the new IOS version but will unfortunately have to get a refund if it’s not possible to sort this aspect, hopefully however it’s a simple fix and I can continue to benefit from the DJay product line into the future.



If this can’t be resolved, does anyone know how to get Apple to refund the subscription payment as it’s not immediately obvious.


Hi Lukas,

Thanks for the heads up on the new version, unfortunately the update hasn’t made any difference to the problem so it’s still incredibly frustrating to use i’m afraid.

If I can help demonstrate the issue to the team that deal with the voiceover accessibility side of things in a better way then let me know.

Hopefully they understand my issue and can find a fix soon however.

Regards, Stu.

Hi Stu,

our latest update of djay for iOS comes with an improved VoiceOver take and we want to thank you for your feedback.

We gather every post and feedback you guys provide us and are very thankful for your support.

Did you try our latest version?