New feature Mac version

Add multiple Channel DJ Mixers and had button option able to turn on subwoofer if connected in settings

On Mac you can send audio out to an infinite number of outputs. It’s in the OS. If you want to get fancy yourself I’m pretty sure you can create one output channel with a filter for your sub. You’d need an additional utility for that though.

You might want to go take a look at this

Or these guys:

BlackHole is fully-functional Freeware…not as GUI-nice as the RA stuff, but someone will step up there eventually…

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I’m aware of that, but looking at the technical know-how of a lot of the people here they would probably be better off with a more user friendly environment. Also for creating a sub out Audio Hijack has EQ available out of the box (you can even use Audio Units).

The demo is free.

Correct, the average user would have better use of Audio Hijack.
my interface is significantly more complex - software EQ isn’t required (DM me for what I use…)

I was referring to the OPs subwoofer request. :wink:

I interpreted that as being a djay setting, and it’s best if that never happens or we’ll have a flood of “where’d my low end/bass go?”
things are already on the verge of too crazy - tracks are being delivered in dolby atmos to tidal, and people are going to start expecting that level of immersion at clubs…wait til they’re all in AR headsets…but I suppose this is what the metaverse is for…

Yeah, me too, but I figured he could make one himself when he needs one now. Depending on the system he might not even need the EQ, but since he asked for it…

actually, they didn’t ask for EQ. it was just a subwoofer on/off button…and I still say that’s beyond djay’s purview: that’s for the sound system processor

No he didn’t, but since he wanted a separate subwoofer out I figured I’d throw in the option to DIY. :wink:

because sometimes too much is just enough? :+1:t2: :muscle:t2: :clap:t2: :joy: :star_struck:

Add new feature you can turn on to turn off if you’re Dj with subwoofer on Mac app

Hi @Cooljackdj,

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