New features DRM-protected songs (Digital Rights Management)

I wish DRM-protected songs (Digital Rights Management) was allowed on the software on this app

from which streaming service?
if your answer is Spotify, your beef is with them. they pulled the plug on djay, not the other way around.


Apple Music able to play from your download

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I’m a Tidal guy, so I wasn’t aware this was a roadblock…TIL

All my music purchased in iTunes from year 2004 is not is not allowed to mix in dJay Pro :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:

I pushed all my music from iTunes when I tried to play my music on some songs I bought from iTunes give me an error code

Hi everyone,

As you all have previously stated, djay cannot play DRM-protected content directly in the app.

While this is unfortunate it is simply a hurdle that can’t really be jumped over.

We will continue to share your feedback with our dev team for further review and update this thread if anything changes regarding this topic.

Have a nice day!

Add support for DRM support: Adding support for DRM-protected tracks to allow DJs to access and play tracks purchased from online music stores such as Apple music

you have it backwards: Apple etc have to grant permission to djay etc to be able to use the content they provide to subscribers. It’s easy for algoriddim to include the capability, but they need Apple/spotify/deezer /whoever to provide the API so rights holders can be compensated by play counts. Apple has the control, and they’d have to negotiate agreements with artists/labels. As someone who purchased tracks you wish to play from Apple, you have to ask them to allow you to play them outside their walled garden.

Hi @Cooljackdj,

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us.

While djay cannot play back DRM content, as you stated, we will be sharing your thoughts on this with our dev team for continued review.

Additionally, there is a similar thread regarding this same topic which I will be merging this thread into for better community management.

Have a nice day!