New features Microphone channel

Add new features dj Microphone support, multiple channels on app on mac

such as?
I’d like to see an EQ and compressor on each mic input…and possibly an auto mute (gate/expander).
also, being able to adjust the level of ducking of the music when the mic is being used would be a good thing…and if using the mic flipped on neural mix to replace the vocal track - instant karaoke!


Hey folks,

Thanks for posting this here in the Suggestion category. Glad to see you in the Community.

@Cooljackdj Could you elaborate a big more on the specific features you’re requesting? Maybe add a couple of examples? That’d be great, thanks!

@heysoundude Nice input, I’ll make sure to hand it over to our Dev Team for further consideration!

Cheers :slight_smile:

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