New features music playing

I wish you have a new future when you download or buy music from iTunes I wish the music instant play on the app

Not sure what you mean exactly but when you buy a song via iTunes, it is immediately available in djay, even if you buy it with your iPhone. Instant playing wouldn’t be desirable in my eyes - as a DJ, I want to control which song gets loaded to which deck so that’s one of the most important parts not to automate.

Well, I might buy a song only for my own use … i.e. some metal, which never gonna be in my dj library.
But I bought it because I want that song just for myself.

So I don’t even want that song to be seen by dj app.

Instant play would mean that the track will be analyzed and stored to your local djay medialibrary.

So not so nice feature, as currently even if you delete a song from media library, the track metadata i.e. the waveform and analysis data might be still on your device and it won’t never be deleted by the app (at least on macOS)