New FX section - Neural Mix FX

I would like to suggest optimizing the effects or the effects sections in Djay Pro AI.
First, I’d like it if you could choose from the same pool in both Instant Effects and Manuel Effects. Some effects can only be selected in one section, some only in the other - is there a particular reason for this?
Among many others, there are effects for Neural Mix, such as echo on vocals or drums. I think it would be a good idea if you could assign them independently from the other effects in their own section (Pad FX - Instant FX - Manuel FX - Neural Mix FX). This would give you more options for assignment on the iPad, but especially when using a mixer or controller with performance pads and multiple pad modes, this would be a good idea. Unfortunately, you can’t select effects directly for certain pads in the midi configuration, but only references to already mapped functions (e.g. Activate Instant FX 4 or Activate FX 2).
I hope I could describe what I mean … :slight_smile: Or have I overlooked a corresponding possibility?

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