New idjay2 is a disaster. Lost cue points + new cue points moving

Idjay was brilliant . Best dj app by far. 2 is utter rubbish.

  1. all my cue points were lost when changing to 2. Many weeks work down the toilet.
  2. now when adding new cue points if you hold one of the decks and press cue set idjay2 doesn’t set the point where you want it but it moves it randomly many millisecond forward or behind. The only work around is to stop the deck set the cue point on a still deck and restart. I sometimes like setting cue points live. This now means that is now impossible

idjay was great why have they screwed it up.

Hi Paddy,

Sorry to hear that.

  1. Do you have iOS 7?

  2. Yes, this is how it’s designed to work:

  • when the deck is playing, the cue points automatically snap to the nearest beat
  • when the deck is paused, the cue point is set exactly where you want it

Hi Rvision,

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Hi David,

This issue has already been fixed with an update (v2.2). Please see the following forum thread for more information:…

Hi Luke,

Can you please send an email to support(at) so we can troubleshoot?

I have both, but I’m not using djay 2 at all. Sync button fails all the time where djay original sync was working fine. And what happened to half bar sync (every 2nd click)?

snapping to the beat wasnt in djay 1.

If you are doing a live set and you want to add an instant cue point e.g 'bring the action " scream and shout britney and will i am. you want it to stat on the vocal not on the beat.

i would strongly reccomend that you allow users to disable “snapping to the nearest beat” for cue points.

You dont always use cue points for beat matching, sometimes it usefull to use cues as a quick ‘sample’ function. Also it can be fun to stutter on certain words.

I cant think of any reason why a cue point should be locked to a beat other than to beat match and in that case you already have your sync button.

BTW in one the sync button when pressed twice produced accurate matching which did not slip. now in 2 double clicking sync does produce instant synchronisity but now the tracks can drift when in 1 they were really tight.

I have DJAY and everything working fine with IOS 6.
Since i have downloaded the IOS 7 all my cue points are gone.
Week of work gone away.
I’m very disappointed.
How go i get the cue point back ?
Many thanks for your answer.

I’m having this problem also with iOS 8 now!
At some songs, the cue points get lost when you load the track to the deck. Because of that it’s nearly not possible to integrate/mix the track without Pre-cueing headphone…
For me, it seems, that my library is too full that the cue points can be saved for every song, and every time a new song comes in, an old song loses cue points… Could that be the solution of the problem?