New iOS Djay & M1X-DJ

I posted this a month ago with no answer, so here I go again: Is the new Djay iOS subscription version fully compatible with Philips M1X-DJ controller/speaker?
(Currently use it with Djay 2 on ipad and on iphone).

Hi, thanks for your answer!
Been using M1x-DJ for about 3 months now, so far the experience has been ok. A couple of times music stopped but I believe it was due to wifi failure.
Looking forward for your experience with it using new suscription version.

I’ve just tested my sons M1x with the new app & it works fine.

I think I’ve got a problem with the controller as when he uses the left deck cue it can randomly crash the app.

Pretty sure it’s a hardware based fault but want to know ho to fix?

Well, I’ve recently bought the M1x-DJ and have been using the DJay free (No subscription) on my Iphone and it wors very smoothly. I also bought an iPad Air and i’m waiting for it to arrive (probably today) to start a subscription on Djay Pro. After I’ve tested it I’ll come back here and post another comment regarding my impressions.

Btw, hou long have you been using your M1x-DJ? I’ve read about some issues with the lightning cable/connector stop working after some time and would like to hear your experience on that.

The iPad arrived yesterday indeed… I still haven’t subscribed and I’m still using the free version, but one thing I’ve noticed is that the music on the deck that’s active starts to stutter when I use the jog on the other deck to search for a point in the cued song. I believe that happens because the iPad is old and low on resources (it’s an iPad Air A1475, A7 processor, 1GB RAM), but I think the app should addapt itself (maybe lowering the visual effects or reslution, IDK…) to the available resources, prioritizing the soundplay to go smoothly. Anyone has any idea on how to work around this issue, as I won’t be able to upgrade the iPad anytime soon?