New iPad and djay pro

Hi guys just got the new iPad Air M1 and linked it to my iCloud account. Loaded up Djay pro and went to load folders from my iCloud folder. It first told me that I don’t have permission to open these files then, after a while I got it to work.

All the tracks are greyed out and one has to tap on them to load up in the playlist. Is there a better way to do this? Lots of folders to go threw. Just want to add the folder and want it to synk.

I forgot to mention, some folders are just completely empty when I click on them yet I m 100% sure they are full of tracks.

Please see the error message below on the iPad

Sounds like the files you need have not been downloaded to your iPad.

Files in iCloud can‘t be fully trusted to be there. There is no option to „make available offline“ or similar for iCloud files. Your iPad might decide to delete iCloud files at times. Have you checked that the files you need available are truly downloaded via your Files app?

For making sure everything is downloaded, there are a few good tips here: ios - Keep iCloud Drive directory for "offline" use on iPad? - Ask Different

The most straightforward one of those is to long press the folder that has your files and to select „Compress“. This will create a zip file with all the contents of your folder (might take a while). You can delete the zip file afterwards again.

Here‘s hoping that Apple will at some point release a „make available offline“ functionality, it sucks to be without one on a device that should replace your computer.

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Thanks for this works however, does this imply that every time I download a crate from a dj pool and upload to one of my folders on iCloud I have to do the same thing again?. So what I did was compress the entire folder and copied that to the iPad. Then unzipped it and all was well.

If you copy to the iPad you don’t have to compress before. Compressing is only if you keep those files in iCloud.

And yes, you always have to make sure your files are downloaded before you DJ with them. There is, sadly, no way to auto-download new iCloud content on an iPad.

Thanks a lot🙏. This really crazy that iCloud behaves like this. Have to keep the files in iCloud as I use the phone on the fly to download tracks etc

I find it hard to believe that there is no API to trigger fetching a file from iCkoud Drive. I mean, Apple’s own “Files” app is able to do it. So, DJay should be able to do it as well.

When you load a track to a deck and the file is on iCloud Drive and needs downloading, DJay could trigger the download. Once downloaded DJay could then load the track as usual. The underlying iClould APIs will handle unloading another iCloud Drive file, if storage is short.

I have to agree with you here. When you add a folder to djay you have to manually tap on each track to download it and sometimes some of the folders on iCloud are just empty even though you are 100% sure they have tracks.

I just wish there was a way to put tracks that I have downloaded on my ipad in Files and transfer them over to iTunes without the use of connecting to my laptop and Syncing my iPad…

I’ve googled and googled but not been able to find a solution (without jailbreaking)

I think I may have found a potential solution but I need to test it out first. There is an application called ftp file Explorer I think. I will get the name and post it here after testing it out. It has a downloads folder attached to it that connects to iCloud. It says that it automatically syncs to iCloud. If this is the case it should work. I will have to download it on the iPad and iPhone to test it first.

Now that I’m thinking about it, perhaps another solution is to get Djay to be able to link with google drive/ Dropbox etc that would illuminate the problem of using iCloud.

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for your feedback regarding this iCloud topic!

Please note that you do indeed have to have these files downloaded locally in order to use them as intended.

I will, however, pass this additional feedback along to our dev team for further review.

Have a great day!

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