New iPad version!

I’m not so bothered by the ‘edit mode’ issue if it being a bit hit and miss as I turn edit mode back off after using it and all is well…

I would prefer to have the cue point colours a bit more ‘primary’ or have the ability to change the colour as well as the name.

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Totally agree Tony
Same issue with the saved loops too! Sometimes when I try and hit loop deactivate on the right I hit the loop instead. On both features there should be a vertical demarcation line shown (ie it should look and act like two buttons) and dead touch space in that line so it’s hard to make a mistake.
And Sooteee. You hit the nail on the head by accident. You said it’s hit and miss (which you don’t mind and that’s fine), but that’s just not good enough for Djay to be the best touch screen DJ software on the market :wink:

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I only meant the hot cues are ‘hit and miss’ if left in edit mode…so I wasn’t bothered by that as all I have to do is turn edit mode off and they act as they should.

Nobody needs to have edit mode enabled all the time and it’s no real effort to turn it off after you use it.

So it wasn’t that I can live with it being ‘hit and miss’, it was more that there’s a simple fix for it not to be an issue by simple deactivating edit mode.

Hope that explains things better!!


Yes Sooteee you are correct but before the change was made to allow you to rename a cue. The edit feature could be left on all the time as there was next to no chance of hitting delete when you wanted to use the cue, this makes it very easy to make,modify & delete on the fly with the minimum amount of clicks. But now they have added the rename function you have to hit the cue triangle exactly to play it. 90% of the button space now brings up rename!!
If someone doesn’t fully use cues it won’t be an issue, but if you are used to quickly deleting and setting multiple cues in a live track then you have no time to be turning on or off the edit functions or being precise with your touch area.
Once again it’s the quick addition of a new feature without fully testing the live use of it. A lot of the new functions make total sense to me when I am trying them out at night in bed on my iPad and praising them, but then I go and use it live and reality is a whole new thing!

Like Tony I was screwing up as soon as the update came out. Went to press cue and the rename feature came up in the track. Had to exit that, turn off edit, use cue, turn on edit, delete cue, create new cue, turn off edit, Yada yada yada.
I used to delete the cues on the controller on the old djay but I only have 4 pads so when the new djay came out with 8 cues I got used to doing it all on screen.
Try setting up a track with 8 cues. Then during playback quickly decide to delete and re-create three of them. It was much easier before.

I wasn’t having a go at you, I was being tongue in cheek when I used your “hit or miss” because I was really having ago at Algoridim without having to say it out loud, but now I have been caught out :joy:

So Algoridim. While the cue rename feature is valid addition. It is badly implemented for live use and requires a little modification for screen touch use. (Eg 1st half of pad for cue, next 1/4 for rename,last 1/4 for delete).


Fully understand, I do edit and name a few but normally add / delete from the controller (mine has 8) but I have tried it on screen with edit mode on and you’re quite right, it leaves a lot of room for improvement! :+1:t2:

Hey @Tony_Jey, @SteNight, and @sooteee,

Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback here about the cue editing functionality in the latest update (the same was also noted for the Saved Loops section, @SteNight). We appreciate you sharing your experiences when editing on the fly, and I’ve passed this feedback directly on to our development team for future consideration. Again, we really appreciate your insights and please continue to share anything else you come across that might make your workflow a bit easier.

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Thanks @Emily

@SteNight Spot on! I also edit cues on the fly (or at least I did when you could usefully do so in v3.6.7). If you hit a button in edit mode it would delete the cue point which was ideal, there was no ambiguity about what hitting the button might do.
I often use 8 cue points on a track (for start, cut across out of mix, mix out point, various vocals or places you might want to loop, etc) and like the ability to change them while a track is playing live in the mix. It’s now unusable as obviously would be disastrous if a track is playing during a live set and instead of deleting a cue point the track jumps to that cue point you’re trying to delete!
Major pain to the workflow to have to edit all the cue points you might want to change in advance.

I think the solution would be to put another button on the strip where “edit cue” is just for “rename cue” so that the cue button doesn’t have multiple functions in edit mode, it’s either in “delete cue” or “rename cue” mode, and hitting anywhere on the button while in these modes does just this thing.

@Emily Meanwhile if there’s any way we can get a link to download and go back to v3.6.7. would be useful.

Thanks again for your feedback and suggestions, @Tony_Jey. Our team is looking into improving the cue editing functionality and usability, and we hope to have news about updates very soon.

As for reverting to a previous version, unfortunately it’s not possible to do so via the App Store once you’ve already updated the app there. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks in advance for your patience!

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