New iPad version!


Thank you x 10,000…

New iPad version out with all (maybe not all) the bells and whistles from the Mac version…

This is going to take some playing with and some serious midi-mapping!

Thanks everyone!


Agreed, really amazing update, love the Neural Mix FX, the renaming of hot cues and the general rework of the Cues section :heart_eyes:

Only thing I’m missing from the Mac version now is the Pro viewing mode: Give us a viewing mode made for controllers (like „Pro“ mode on macOS) - #2 by Lukas_E

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Agree with the layout needing work @djjoejoe.

The screen real estate on an iPad could easily accommodate the layout, especially on the 12.9” iPad.

The other thing I’ve noticed is skip fwd/rev is now increased to 64 beats from 32 but the looper still maxes out at 32, shame they’re not in alignment, a 64 beat drum loop with a NM vocal from another deck would be really handy!

Cracking job though….I’ve just bought a Mac mini, haven’t opened it yet and I am now seriously considering sending it back as it’s all here!!


Any new dj controllers supported natively in the free app?

Denon LC6000, as advertised :blush:

Congratulations Algoriddim for listening to your users!
You addressed many requests from this forum; should be obvious but very few companies understands and responds to their users demands this way.
This community really works!
Thank you and keep up the good work!


Just played around with the new FX, they’re amazing! :heart_eyes: Especially liked the new Noise effects, they’re an awesome amount of fun!

Great work Algoriddim! Super happy about this update.

Every update is welcome and truly appreciate,

BUT I still can’t mix songs above 200BPM, because it shows up as 100BPM😢

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200BPM??!!! Who can even do The Blackpool Two Step that quickly!!!

Feckin’ Joe Wickes would struggle at that speed! :rofl::rofl:

Hahaha…i just get warm with this speed🤪

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While I love the improvements, Key Matching is not working for iPad (Pro 12.9 inch 2020; latest iPadOS) after several downloads and reinstalls from the App Store. Many tracks sound absolutely horrible. Not sure if something else needs to be active, switched on., or something but Key Matching on previous versions worked fine. Things seem fine on Mac version (although high distortion on some tracks), but Key Matching is crucial for me. Is anyone else dealing with this issue?

You must press on the value above Match to turn on the Key Lock. There is also the Key/Pitch control which is very similar to the lock but acts differently, which can be found when switching over to 2-Deck or Classic view. It’s the keynote symbol right next to the tempo slider.

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Can you map this your iPad to Pioneer Sr2 controller?

I bought a Mac Mini for the same purpose.
Have you figured out how to use an IPad with a Pioneer Controller?
I have a Pioneer SR2.

Hi there, the SR2 isn’t compatible with the iPad version, it will only work with macOS.

This link shows which controllers work with with version and the SR2 is only shown under Mac.

You would also need a full subscription for some of the controllers to work as only a handful are supported in the free version.

If you know how to midi map you could probably get the SR2 working on an iPad but if you have no experience of midi mapping it will be a steep learning by curve!!


Thanks, but that didn’t work for me in my previous tries. In all previous versions I merely pressed “Match” and it auto-matched the Key. I tried pressing the value in the current version, but nothing happened. Going to reinstall once more.

Thanks for the speedy reply.

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Any bpm above 155 i halve (tap tempo edit)

Not happy with what the latest updates have done to the cue buttons on ios. The colours became dim, the text has less contrast and the “edit cue point name” function means in edit mode it’s now very hit & miss what happens when you hit the button.
Half the time you try to press the X it jumps to the cue point or goes to the “rename” menu instead, it just isn’t conducive to hitting buttons quickly “on the fly” when mixing.
Wish I could roll back a couple of versions to before the “edit cue point” function was introduced.