New iPhone, more bugs than ever

I have an iPhone 14 that I purchased only 57 days ago. The iOS version is 16.2 and I have 165gb of storage remaining. I upgraded the phone to trouble shoot and remove the device as a possible culprit. The issues are times when songs won’t load at all or take as much S 3 minutes to load. Times when the turntables freeze in the middle of a track… The search algorithm is hit and miss even for songs I have favorited and/or saved in a playlist.
I’ve had an issue with being able to log-in to Beatport from the DJay Pro app for almost 3 1/2 months now. I have previously reported these items in a direct email to support 3 1/2 months ago when they became too numerous to continue to ignore. I did find offered solutions for a some of these issues in the community forum but they did not resolve the issues for me.
All these occur whether I’m on WiFi or not. I have fiber optics Wi-Fi with the speed and bandwidth capable of supporting a small business with as many as 100 users. Which leads me to believe all that’s left for being the possible antagonist is the Djay Pro app for which I pay a monthly subscription fee. I am also a paying subscriber to Tidal and Beatsource.
I again submitted a support email with this information more than 5 days ago. To date, neither email has been responded to other than the automated response along with the ticket number generated. Which brings me to my final concern. Should I expect all future ticket submissions to be treated in the same manner; no response from an actual support person whatsoever?
For full transparency, I rated the Djay Pro app with a resounding 5 stars and a glowing report when I first downloaded and subscribed in 2019. As you can imagine, those stars have become quite a bit tarnished over the past 4 or 5 months of dealing with these issues.


From what source? Do you have issues with local tracks?

Nope. The only music I stream comes from Tidal and Beatsource.