New Pioneer Controllers

Now I’ve had a Pioneer DDJ ERGO for a few years now, I love this Controller & used it with djay 2 & djay pro on iOS.

Now I’ve got a MacBook & use the Ergo with djay pro for macOS. I basically got a MacBook as my options are limited for choosing my next Pioneer controller.

I feel it’s time for a controller upgrade & would have stayed with iOS if Pioneer had a better controller than the Ergo.

Would folks agree the Reloop Mixon 4 looks the best iOS controller now by far.

I’d say it’s a high price point in comparison to pioneers Mac/PC alternatives.

It’s nearly touching the highly acclaimed DDJ SX2 (£750) & the DDJ RR (£549) & DDJ SR (£449)

Now granted, this is going the MacBook & macOS route which is what I’ve decided to do with the macOS version of djay pro.

The DDJ SX1 & SX2 are officially supported by djay pro for macOS & give me the added function of been able to input my technics decks to the controller. The DDJ RR isn’t officially supported but can be midi mapped into the djay pro software.

Granted if you want to go the iPad / iOS route this Reloop Mixon 4 hits the mark as a higher end iOS controller. But for that price point I’d expect slightly more input options. The Mixon 4 would have been perfect if it had the option to input external decks.

What baffles me is why Pioneer don’t enable djay to use the DDJ RR (£549) or the DDJ SR (£449) with the djay pro app on iOS. It directly competes with the Mixon 4 and prob performs better. I’d guarantee the 9 out of 10 DJ’s would choose a Pioneer controller over a Reloop.

Pioneer have so many variations I’m sure they’re missing a trick not supporting djay pro iOS with the higher end controller options.

I’ve basically purchased a MacBook to be able to use a better Pioneer controller

Hi there,

we generally only support controllers with djay for iOS which are fully iOS ready.

Regarding djay Pro for the Mac, we love to see your feedback as you did RyuOnline, in order to see what mappings the community is missing.

Thank you for sharing.

Lukas E.

I think your missing my point.

I want to see more semi pro pioneer controllers supported.

The top pioneer controller for iOS djay app shouldn’t be the rather old ERGO (now discontinued)

So that leaves the Wego 4 as Pioneers flagship controller for iOS ?

Pioneer have plenty of controllers to add support for, Reloop are eating up the semi pro market for iOS controllers.

Interesting twist to the story so far.

It would seem that there lack of support for newer pioneer djay controllers controllers due to the recent release of pioneers own dj app.

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