New "plain vanilla" transition for djay's Automix feature

I’m using djay 2 on iPad and djay 4.2.3 on Mac, and pratically every time I use the Automix feature, I wish it had available a different kind of transition (widely used elsewhere): simply, a “plain vanilla” transition that allows the next song to begin at 100% volume while the previous song fades to 0. That is, the crossfader is in central position when the next song begins (like in the attached picture), moving gradually towards the turntable where the next song is playing. Presently, in the cross fading actually featured in djay, the next song begins at 0% and reaches 100% volume while the previous song fades from 100 to 0.

It’s YEARS i wish this simple feature. I think it would be a very useful feature for all users, and of course the two different transitions (previous song fades from 100 to 0 while next song begins to play at 100% volume; full cross fading between the two song) could be both available in djay for the Automix mode. By the way, if/when you implement this feature in djay Pro for Mac, for me it will be alone a good reason to upgrade from djay 4.2.3 to djay Pro :slight_smile:

Ciao from Italy,
Roberto Giannotta

Ciao Roberto!
Thank you very much for sharing this idea with us! I definitely will present this idea in our next team meeting!Best regards, 

I’ve just suggested again this feature in a new topic, having forgotten that I already did it here (I even forgot I was already registered in this forum):…


Anyway, in the new intervention I added a picture I hope you’ll find useful to understand what I mean exactly. I add it here for your convenience.