New Rane ONE issues :-(

Hi there,

Since latest update there have been some new issues I have encountered with the Rane ONE.

  1. Push start to begin platter and hold the record so as to scratch in the start of the song - when doing this the platter stops spinning and then moving the record has no effect on the software. to fix you need to push start and repeat a couple of times and it starts working again. Very frustrating.

  2. Hot cues cannot be deleted - using the Rane one functionality and the software itself via mac but still unable to delete a hot cue.

Any advice please?


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Hi Shume,
I haven’t had the issue with the spinning platter whilst scratching issue but I did initially have the problem with not being able to delete Hot Cues…
My fix was to re mapp the Rane One to my liking which included deleting Hot Cues…
When I was experiencing this issue, I would find that I couldn’t delete Hot Cue 1 but I could delete the others…

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hey Maurizio,

Thanks for the reply, did you remap it differently to how it is configured or just re affirm what it should be doing via midi mapping? I am the same - it doesn’t let me delete the Hot Cue - but does allow me to create and delete others.

No idea what is going on with the platters - it was two updates ago it started as I was hoping the last update would fix it.

Hi mate I’ve reported this too, I recorded a video too. @Guillermo said they are working on a fix, but I’m not sure when it’s likely to deployed.

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Thanks mate! Sorry, are you referring to the platter issue or the hot cue one

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Hi Shume,
I didn’t remap the whole controller however I did map a lot of other functions…

Private Repress was/is having the platter issues and did upload a video showing it…
To be honest, I was able to replicate this issue a while back and then there was an update which apparently fixed the issue but I haven’t tried doing it since but Private Repress reported that it was still there…

Ah sorry, the platter issue - if hot cues aren’t playing ball I tend to find reloading the song helps. But I’m using an iPad.

How’s your experience with the Rane one on a Mac been?

Issue 1: I thought I was going crazy, this didn’t happen before the latest update right? It is crazy annoying to deal with, especially when you have a song that has vocals start a beat early giving you no room to back up at all without it pausing.

I’m also having another new issue. Sync will work for a good portion of my set, but a few hours in my sync function will just quit working. It’s acting like one of the platters is playing slower by .01 a beat and “breaking” the sync. I think what is happening is it is reading it as as me “scratching” on that deck and turning off sync. I’ve really enjoyed the neural mix aspect of being able to punch up an older track by dropping a club beat underneath an older track. These long mixes become increasingly taxing if one track isn’t metronome perfect.

Does anyone have a work around for this issue? I discovered that making sure you have your pitch / tempo sliders set to exactly 0 is essential when turning on the Rane One, but I can’t seem to find a way to fix the tracks drifting out of sync.

And this is what irks me most about Djay, Occasionally latest updates will create previously non existing problems which is why I wish there was the ability to roll back versions if this were to happen…


@TheDJBear 100% the issue with the platter stopping wasn’t there 2 releases ago. I think the last release just added support for dennon equipment. It’s driving me crazy. The only work around I’ve found is to set a cue point at the beginning of a track, play it forwards and spin the deck back and forth beyond the cue point several times. It then seems to work as expected. This is far from ideal if you are trying to be fast between mixes and makes many of the mixes I used to do impossible.

I too have had issue with sync, I’ve got into a habit of doing exactly what you have said, ensuring the pitch slider is set bang in the middle. If it’s not I’ve seen some weird behaviour, like the platter spinning extremely slow (way beyond the minimum pitch range parameters).

@maurizio_T I also wish the ability to roll back existed. When/if the next stable release drops, you can be sure I won’t be updating beyond it!

The issues I’ve had over the last few months have made me seriously rethink my set up. I’ve been a djay customer since day one, this is a great community and the software is fantastic. But the fact is for the last month or two, I’ve not been able to djay the way I’ve wanted too because of such glitches.

Rather than loosing myself in the music and mixes I’ve found myself simply getting frustrated because of software issues. I love using an iPad, but I’ve decided to purchase a MacBook so I can play around with other software. Seemingly VDJ may be my solution - offering stability on the Rane one and stem isolation. Seems to be the middle ground of Djay and serato.

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Still getting the same issues with this and still no sign of an update. Its pretty much unusable for any kind of live performance.

My annual subscription has just ran out and in two minds about whether to renew or sacrifice the neural mix and go to serato.

Has anyone used the Rane One with Serato? Is there a big difference?

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I’m having frequent incorrect BPM issues, I’m almost certain that this was caused by the latest update as l never really experienced this before…
The most annoying part of it is that certain tracks keep switching back to their incorrectly analysed BPM even after I have corrected it

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