New rule about copyright its not fair

If I made monthly payments for all my streaming platforms and annual for djay app why can I use the neural option to remove harmony, lyrics or rhythms with tidal My common sense tells me that by making those payments it gives me the right to be able to use the music at my convenience and all the facilities offered by the app as well.

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This is not upon djay/ Algoriddim. It is a decision by Tidal so you would need to take your complaint to them.

Fair … what is fair? You say it’s fair to be able to use the possibilities of the software if you pay for it, others say it’s fair if you do this with the music for which you have acquired the corresponding rights (usually purchased),
You have the option of using the software with all its possibilities - just not with music from every source, and nothing else is promised to you at any point. Apart from that, the use of DJ software with streaming services such as Tidal or (back then) Spotify is at least legally questionable on the part of the music industry anyway - who knows how long this will be possible at all.
In any case, the software manufacturer is simply not the right contact here.

Ohh thanks so much for you fast response I will do

HI @Janertrujillo_9183,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject.

As @djjoejoe shared, the removal of Neural Mix from Tidal is due to a change in licensing agreements.

This has been touched upon in a recently published FAQ via the Support page on our website entitled Does Neural Mix work with TIDAL tracks?

I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and will update this thread if new information ever comes on this topic. Have a nice day!

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Ohh thanks so much for you fast response I will do

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Just download them :slight_smile:

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Yes it’s my solution :smile: thanks

Every Dj should own there music and really use the streaming services for emergency request situations,
Relying on a streaming service that could change their licensing agreements at any time for all your music is too risky

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