New Tidal sound quality groups

Tidal have recently revised their sound quality options as follows
The old “high” (320kps AAC) has merged with the old “low” as a new “low” with a 96 v 320 kps sub-option setting
The old “hifi” (lossless CD bitrate) is now listed as the “high” option
There is a new “max” option for above CD bitrate i.e. 24/96


  1. Which of these do Djay’s existing low/high/hifi options in Settings/Library now map to?

  2. Is the hifi setting in Djay going to give me lossless CD bitrate or 24/96 (or potentially a mixture of both depending on track)?

  3. How do I select lossless CD bitrate from Tidal for Djay without risking Djay trying to load 24/96 versions?


You’re right.

I think, and I seem to recall, that setting the option to “High” when you sign into Tidal in djay limits the connection to CD Quality FLAC. I may be mistaken, so trust this if you feel it’s right but do your own research.
But that’s as far as I can go in answering your questions - I can’t speak to Library stuff as I stream everything.

I do wish Tidal would either hurry up in making the transition to 24b/96kHz+ FLAC, or just stop messing around on us. (It’s actually the labels we have to go after for setting the standards when it comes to bit depth and sample rate - they’re the ones (or should be) who contractually set the deliverables specs! In this world where we get our content online, it would make life considerably easier for everyone! And if they want my vote as to what they should set the spec to be, I say DSD)

If you are right about “high” in Djay = CD bitrate = the “new high” in Tidal itself then Algoriddim’s own documentation is wrong and needs updating

You may well be right still, but we need the algoriddim folks to chime in here given how ambiguous this now is. Ideally I want a setting in Djay which is limited to pulling files from tidal at a maximum of CD bitrate and is not going to surprise me with occasional 24/96 files which is total overkill in a real world djaying situation and will very likely crash the app. If I can’t get that, then I want to know how to just stick to 320kps AAC consistently and reliably.

TLDR; if you call your app ‘Pro’ you need to act like it too. At the very least be clear on the specs.

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Ambiguous is right. Tidal has even started showing what the file resolution is in their GUI, something I’ve been supporting and encouraging the algoriddim devs to adopt (someone made the request a few weeks ago).
perhaps the solution is to include code in djay that filters to our specification, based on our Tidal subscription level. I’d set it to be 24b/48kHz + and be done with it.
Or perhaps 1Fs, 2Fs and 4Fs…if you follow…with ONLY the HiFi+ tier getting the 2 and 4Fs option/files

Hi everyone,

I wanted to chime in and thank you for bringing this topic up.

We’ve gone ahead and passed your feedback along to our engineering team regarding Tidal quality and how that plays a role in djay’s general playback across the normal, high, and HiFi options found in djay’s settings menu.

As @GaryGibbon pointed out, we do have documentation on this topic found here; however, we are working internally on making sure that all information regarding quality (more specifically, bitrate) is conveyed to users like yourself with the most up-to-date information.

Looking forward to sharing said info as it comes in. Thanks!

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