New to djay, how do I use start/stop points?

Just started using Djay, and I can’t figure out how to get start and stop points to work. I have some tracks that have start/stop times set in iTunes, and when I load them into Djay I can see the spots on the record, and it will start at the start point (after I hit the jump to start point button), but it ignores the stop point.

Am I missing something somewhere?

Note: This is specifically with Automix off.

Hi Mike,

The END points are only used when you’re in Automix mode. The idea behind this is that when mixing manually, you don’t really want the song to end all of a sudden.

I am having problems with this as well, I have a playlist set up and dedicated to work with Automix, (because i can’t mix manually while driving). I have made custom start and end times for all of these songs.

However when I click on automix in djay uses the custom start time for the first song only but ignores the end time of that song and all of the other start and end times of the additional songs.

How do I configure this properly?

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