New to DVS - what do i need?


I have an old Dj setup in storage - Vestax pdx 2000’s & a Pioneer DJM 600.

I am aware of needing the DVS vinyl for this setup to work with Djay software. I also believe i need an audio interface? If this is the case does anybody know which one i need or which one will work best? Also is there anything else i need for this to work?


Hi @Shaun_Green! Good to see you back on the Community. :headphones:

I wanted to share a few resources that we’ve provided on our website that should provide you with some useful information about using DVS with djay. And hopefully others in our Community will chime in here with their recommendations and experiences as well!

You can find some useful videos and FAQs to get you familiarized with using DVS with djay on our website here:

And for more specifics, please visit our general FAQs. I’ve included 3 FAQ links below to get you started:

Happy mixing! :musical_note: