New Update has no Spotify Support

I receive an Error 500 when I try to go to Spotify. Would love to get confirmation from other users if this has happened as well.

There was a brief Spotify outage that coincided with (but was unrelated to) the launch of our iOS updates. Everything should be back to normal now.

By the way, @SpotifyStatus on Twitter provides updates on the current status of the Spotify service.

Enjoy using the new Spotify browse feature in our iOS updates!

Same here

Same here - thanks

I have problem too.

wait a minute it’s fixed!!!

Same here :frowning:

djay pro (latest ) on iPad Pro. It still working an hour ago …

Same here, both on iPad pro and iPhone 7.

I have the same problem on iPad and iPhone 7 Plus

I have the same problem, since I updated my iPad 4th generation

How did you fix it?

Same here… Thanks guys