New updates but still no....

  1. saved loops
  2. quantised hot cues

I was going to make a thread like this too. Lots of Bug fixes in the update and that’s it. . I hope it’s not another year gone by & we’re still waiting for the basic things to be added to the app:(

So they’re spending all their time on Spotify, yet 99% of their customers are really unhappy because there’s no offline mode. This is messed up.

And loops still do not work for all songs

But we do have a new spotify interface that allows us quick access to usuful genres such as “music to study to”, “white noise to sleep to” and “comedy” … so we shouldnt complain i guess

Elastic beatgridding? I know that from traktor but is it on djay pro too?

How does it work?

Hey guys, 

thank you for your feedback. First off, saving loops is and a quantise mode, as you know, are topics we are very interested in. Nevertheless are we working off issues step by step. I know this can feel frustrating, but I will do my best to push these two.

I hope you can still see something good in the update.

Lukas E.

Easiest explanation is, while Sync is active the Syncing algorithm is continuously recalculating.

Lukas E.

Just basics that aren’t bring implemented and all the time and input into Spotify as that’s the key to maximising revenue for algoriddam.

I hope so. I was just playing with Djay Pro tonight and the elastic beat grid is so cool, especially for old skool music. Sync appears to be better too.

Yes. I don’t play on djay pro MacBook but it’s elastic on iPad. Pretty sure it will be on other platforms too. BTW Traktor isn’t elastic. Well not TDJ.

Not fully sure. If you play two tracks and sync them you can see the grid auto adjusting to keep in sync.

Tell me about it ibob. It would seem most if not all of their focus is ensuring that Spotify runs smoothly. I get it as it’s so popular but let’s get the basics down which dj’ use regularly.

Oh another thing. What bug fixes where that? Can you be specific Lukas?

It would appear so mate. I do like djay pro. But with little immediate interest in what would be essential tools for dj’s and it would seem tons of interest in changes which no one was asking for.