New Urban Rap/Trap Sample Packs


Any update on an authentic Urban Rap/Trap Sample Pack(Horns, lasers etc) being available? The current ones are a little corny. And let’s not mention the Snoop Dogg “Fo shizzle” one. :roll_eyes:


Reggae/Dancehall also please.

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Hi @E_Flem,

While we cannot speak on the status of new sample packs being implemented I can safely say that this suggestion will be sent over to our dev team for further review.

Feel free to continue to post your djay suggestions. Have a nice day!

We are still awaiting a new, authentic Sample pack for Urban American DJs…horns, lasers etc.


DJay still needs an updated American Hip Hop Sample pack (Horns, Lasers, bombs).

Hi @E_Flem,

Thank you for your persistence regarding adding new sample packs to djay.

Unfortunately, we have no new updates to share regarding this feature request but rest assured that we will update this thread as new information arrives.

Thank you for your patience!