NEXT TRACK feature not available unless Automix is Active

Hello Team,
Is it possible to return this feature to djay when Automix is NOT Active?
When tapping NEXT TRACK on Apple AirPods, Apple Watch,Beats by Dre, this Alert comes up if Automix is off. The only way this Alert doesn’t appear, is if the user taps the NEXT TRACK arrows on either side of the mixer slider.
This feature is also useful when tapping NEXT TRACK on a steering wheel to connected vehicle.
This worked on previous Djay versions.

iPhone X IOS v13.3
iPad Pro 3rd Gen iOS v13.3
Djay Pro 3 v3.2.7



Hello Lukas,
Turning off that feature does not work.
Simply need Bluetooth devices to work as the 2 Arrows on either side of the mixer slider when Automix is off.
Please push this issue, thank you in advance.

Please add this feature

Still an issue

Hi, sorry for the belated reply. Is the behaviour the same if you unprotect song loading in the general settings of djay? Was the previous behaviour that no matter what song loading protection setting you were using the usage of the e.g. AirPods next functionality was working? Please excuse my direct questions, I don’t have a device to test this at the moment, but we will find a solution.