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Since I own a NAS, I want to store all my music on it and synchronize between my Mac and my Ipad.
I’m using Nextcloud (It’s a Dropbox like but selfhosted), but as Google Drive we can’t import a folder on Djay Pro iPad.
For 25$ Apple Music can store your mp3 and the advantage is we can make our (smart) playlists synchronized between Mac and iOS. So I transferred them to Apple Music and it works with Djay Pro and Apple Music library on Mac Os.

But I don’t know why on iPad, most of the song are not available and the message said because it’s protected by DRM or not available, but these songs come from a DJ pool or have been bought on different platform, I don’t think they are protected.
I downloaded all the playlists in lossless high quality on my iPad, besides I like to know if Apple download the original file or if they are transcoded.

Is there a solution to resolve this or a different way of doing things?

Okay… This will happen

  1. you upload a track called Artist - Track Title
  2. Apple music upload tools will do audio fingerprinting and compare your track audio fingerprint to all tracks they have in AAC format
  3. If they have same track in AAC format, that track will be added to your music library (in worst case it is DRM protected
  4. if the track isn’t found from apple storage your original file might be uploaded or in worst case it will be automatically encoded to AAC format

So yeah… here’s some background info

They aren’t gonna give you option to fill up their storages, if they already have same track officially distributed by original copyrights owners.

This means that when you play from the original machine where you did the upload (your macbook), the original track will be played, but on iPad they will play the AAC file from the cloud storage.

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Thanks for your reply, so I ditched Apple Music and Nextcloud and replaced it by resilio sync which is very simple to install and djay pro allows to import folder.

To synchronise my playlists, I’m trying to share “Djay Media Library” between my Macbook, and my iPad.

Hi @Wing12,

Thanks for posting to the community.

Huge shout-out to @dj_romy_fi for posting that incredibly thorough response as well.

To be clear, has your issue been resolved?

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One of the things I forgot to add…
What if the original copyright owner has blocked the song in your distribution area?
Like some cases you can see youtube videos, but sometimes you see the “content is blocked in your country”.

So in worst case even if you have your own file on your macbook and you try to upload the file with Apple Music, the song might be grayed out on your iPhone, iPad, because the original copyright holder has blocked the track so that it can’t be streamed through Apple Music in your country.

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