No audio on Recorded video .mov that was recoreded on Ipad w/Vjay.

There is no audio for file recorded on Ipad 4th gen using Vjay . Vjay saved .mov file and .atf file one cant be read on Mac mov. has no audio.

Hi Dan,

Sorry to hear that. What if you try to watch the mix directly in vjay? Can you hear the audio then?

Did you by any chance go back to the home screen or switch to another app while you were recording?

Hmm, this issue normally only occurs if you put the app in the background while recording.

As an experiment, please try making a new recording and see if the issue persists.

Wow, sorry to hear that. Which iOS do you have? Also can you send me the crash logs? -> support(at)

You can check the firmware version of your iDJ Pro under iPad Settings > General > About > IDJ PRO.

Did you find any crash reports? Are you still experiencing the same issue?

If you can’t find the “IDJ PRO” entry in the settings, then this means that there is a connection problem between your iDJ Pro and the iPad. In this case, please kindly contact Numark support directly regarding this hardware issue:

By the way, since you have an iPad 4, this means that you need a lightning to 30-pin adapter. So, before contacting Numark, I recommend trying a different lighting to 30-pin adapter and see if the adapter is the cause of the problem. Also, please note that you need the official adapter from Apple:…

And are you still experiencing the same problem with your iDJ Pro with the new Apple adapter?

No cannot hear audio even on Ipad.

No I did a straight thru recording little over an hour.

I tried now I cannot record everything crashes when I put in record mode. idjpro stops responding dead in water.cant load next video I reset IPad cut Numark off and on problem still persist.

It was 7.0 I just updated Ipad to 7.1. Vjay version is 1.4.1. How to I get firmware version on IdayPro ?

I do not have any crash info and I followed your instruction to find firmware on Idj Pro but on IPad >settings > general> about does not show Idj pro, and I did this while connected to Idj Pro so what now ?

I change adapter I can now access Hardware version is 1.0.0, and Firmware is 1.2.1.

I change adapter I can now access Hardware version is 1.0.0, and Firmware is 1.2.1.