No audio-output/master on Pioneer DDJ-RR via Mac.

Is there no audio output on Pioneer DDJ-RR via Mac? I can not choose the decks on djpro audio settings, only the internal speaker from the Mac. Normally a pop-up should show when connecting the USB from the dj-controller to my Mac, however this is not the case. Any tips?

Hi, Thank you for getting in touch. Have you installed the RR driver for Mac? You can find the driver here:…

Some help with this would be nice … Drivers installed, firmware up-to-date, but no way my controller wants to show up under Audio Devices.

I’m using Mac OS Mojave, and checked the following: System Info => Software => disabled software … and this is showing the following:

6BRHGXQ6VU - com.pioneerdj.driver.DDJ-RRAudio:

Versie: 2.0.0
Oorzaak: No User Consent
Datum uitgeschakeld: Unknown

However there is no way for me to “allow” this software under privacy/settings :frowning:

did you figure it out? im having the same issue!