No Audio Signal Vestax Vci 400DJ iPad

Hi! I use a Vestax Vci 400 DJ (Silver Serato Edition) but I would love to change to iPad or iPhone instead of my MacBook. When I connect the Controller with the iPad, every midi signals are working fine, but I have no audio output neither headphone nor master. VU- Meter is flashing so there must be a signal somewhere, right?

I tried changing all the audio settings but no result. With the macOS app I don’t have audio issues.

Any recommendations what I can do to fix the problem?


I think I had a similar problem and the solution was to update the Vestax 400 software. Did you try that already?

Hope this helps…

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Hi and thanks for your reply! Could you tell me which firmware you’re using?

I‘m using the latest version provided on the Serato website

@FlorianHubert you definitely want to update the firmware. I had the same problem.

I also found this helpful with my specific case and the VCI-400 SE Ean Golden model:

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So it must be the audio firmware 203 (which is already installed) and the audio 21 (I have 6.0), right? Unfortunately I can’t upgrade it, both MacBook (Mojave) and Windows 10 PC (Lenovo) occure error. Any suggestions?

I remember also having problems getting it updated. Mac was to new; I managed with a windows laptop. You gotta install the right audio drivers on windows first and then try updating it. I think you also had to put the controller into an update mode. :crazy_face: sry don’t remember anymore.
Good luck!

Do you remember how many years ago you tried? Couldn’t find any information about the last MacOS working with the firmware update software. But I want to figure out if a downgrade to Yosemite or El Capitan could be helpful…

Thanks for your help!

Lol last year, but I don’t remember what exactly I did. I played several hours with it. I didn’t manage to make it via Mac. But it eventually worked on windows. I think you need to install Vestax audio drivers for windows first, then set the controller into an update mode, downgrade it to the base version and then upgrade it to the version u want it at. Something like that. Did you try Google?

I haven’t tried downgrade Forst so far. And yes, I read so much about it and for many people it’s really annoying :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Ha! It worked. Honestly I messed it up cause I did not realize that you have to use two different programs, one for the midi and one for the audio. Finally I can use Algoriddim as well! Thank you for your patience and support!