no automix cue or artwork

I don’t get version 4, where did the automix Queue INFO go, and I don’t see any album artwork. Automix Queue says drag songs here, I just want to see a list of songs in the queue so I can bump 'em out if I don’t want them to play, just like I used to in v3. Also no matter where I look I can’t see how to turn album artwork on? It’s all there in iTunes both in my window to the lower left in view and coverflow, it should be the default?? Aaah

Hi Robert,

Tap the “arrow” collapse button in the bottom right corner of the screen to open the Queue box.

About the artworks: Please try the latest beta version and see if your artworks are then loaded properly.…

The Queue is not meant to display upcoming tracks. You can drag songs there to add them as an “upcoming” track.
When using Automix, you select a “source” playlist so you should see the upcoming tracks by simply browsing to the selected playlist. If Shuffle is enabled, you can only see the next song (the one loaded on the other deck).

Glad to hear that.

When I do that, it opens up a dashed box that’s empty and says “Drag Songs Here”. I need to see songs that Automix is queuing up ready to play.

by the way, I’m using Mountain Lion

YES, the Beta version restored Album Artwork. Plz release soon, I hope this won’t be cost for this update as I just bought v4 upgrade from v3