No control in midi for opening folders in browser?? STAFF HELP?

I’ve been on Traktor as a semi pro club Dj for years. We own a production company as well and work with many DJ’s/. I am new to DJ Pro and am liking most of what I see so far. I’d like to move full time to DJ Pro. I’m hoping I’m wrong on this: I can not find a midi control to program controllers (I use Allen and Heath Xone K2’s and a Xone 96 mixer) to open and close(expand or contract) folders in the browser? In Traktor it’s browser trees. Can someone help me with this, as this is so needed on a controller for any working Dj with good library management. Thanks in advance!

Hi @adrenal,

Thanks for bringing this up. I’ve also reproduced this inability to expand folders of playlists in the iTunes/Music source in djay Pro AI on Mac, and none of the available MIDI commands seemed to work for this. I’ve passed this report on to our Development Team to investigate further and I’ll keep you updated here.

In the meantime, could you please share the following details so we have a full picture of your experience:

  1. What device are you currently using?
  2. Which OS version is running on your device?
  3. Which djay version are you using?
  4. Could you please share step-by-step how you ran into this issue, what you expected to happen, and what actually happened? For example, what music library source were you trying to use (e.g., My Library, My Files, iTunes/Music, etc.)?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Emily The issues with MIDI and browser control were also mentioned here a while ago in one of my old threads.
Hopefully we’ll see some progress on this soon.

Hi @sooteee, Thanks for pointing this out, but the link you shared took me to a list of the latest community topics rather than a specific topic thread. Did you mean this one => Set focus on the Queue, or was there another topic thread you were referring to?


That’s the one! Depends how you access the thread as to what appears in the address bar on my iPhone and I didn’t spot it….sorry.

Anyway, yes that was the one where we cannot move via midi control to the queue and other library related stuff via midi.


Great, thanks for the reply. :+1: Our team is aware of the library-related command issues on iOS brought up on your other topic thread as well. It appears that the specific command brought up here is on Mac, but it of course makes sense to check into it on iOS as well (and vice versa with the commands brought up on the other topic). Thanks again for your feedback and support in the Community! :raised_hands:

Emily, this and that thread does not address in any way what I am talking about here. I am on OSx, with a midi controller. There is no command to select/deselect(expand/contract) the folders in the “playlist” tree. @Emily can you please let me know if I am missing something? Is there a command to do this?

Incidentally @sooteee I have the command working to switch back and forth between the playlists and the tracks to select, is that what you all are referring to “the cue”. IF not, let me know and I can look up what the command is for you.

I’m hoping to contribute to the product in ways that make it usable for club/festival dj’s! I’d make the move full bore if I can.

Hi there @adrenal, there are quite a few issues with midi mapping and using the music browser with a controller.
The problem I mentioned is that even though I can move between sources, playlists and tracks, the actual commands to ‘focus playlists’, ‘focus tracks’, etc do nothing so we’re left with a workaround to get to where we want to be.
Also, the ‘focus queue’ AND the workaround will not select the queue at all!
So I have a midi command that will let me add and remove tracks to/from the queue but the only way to get the queue highlighted and select a track from it is to tap the screen to activate the queue. (iPad btw)
Whilst not linked to your issue I wanted to resurface it while the devs are looking at midi controls and the music browser as there seems to be a few problems with it.
That said, and without being too negative, the actual program is brilliant and most of my niggles seem to be missing / not working midi controls! :grin:

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@adrenal Thanks for the additional information. We’re on the same page, no worries, and I completely understand the issue you’ve described, have reproduced it, and have passed it on to our development team to investigate (sorry if my previous post wasn’t clear about that). You’re not missing anything - the command you’re looking for isn’t in there currently. I assumed you were on macOS, but just wanted to confirm that with you, hence the additional questions. Thanks again for your response.

I also realized @sooteee was bringing up additional MIDI commands that were related (as I mentioned previously, his other post refers to iOS specifically). But as @sooteee also pointed out, it does make sense to bring up related issues like this with our development team as they’re investigating for future developments.

I’ll keep you updated here with any updates about this. Thanks @adrenal for bringing this to our attention! :musical_note:

Thank you both Sotee and especially to you Emily! It is great to have staff of a product like this looking in and interacting with the users. Soooo needed in this world!

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