No Ddj-1000 audio output with IPad

I just bought a Pioneer DDJ-1000 to use with Djay on an iPad. I can’t figure out how to get the audio to come out of the DDJ controller’s RCAs? Sound only comes out from the IPad’s speakers. Please help!

Hi, At the moment we are not supporting the device natively. I pushed the topic internally and we will look into the topic. I generally recommend checking our website with natively supported controllers for djay for iOS.

Also related: pre-cueing does not work. djay would be fantastic with a DDJ-1000. Make it happen, Algoriddim!

Thank you! I understand it’s not supported natively, but would like to see it supported, hopefully soon! I’ve had to switch to Rekordbox on a laptop and the experience, for me at least, is just not as enjoyable or efficient as using djay on an iPad.

From my perspective, this is an important use case for Algoriddim. As users become accustomed to using djay on beginner equipment, but start progressing to more advanced equipment, they are left with either using Rekordbox, Serato, or other DJ software, including djay, but ALL are on a computer. This is particularly relevant for Pioneer equipment, where nothing newer than a DDJ-400 is supported for iOS.

This is not just me–there are numerous professionals talking about the day when working DJs will be using iPads in clubs and for mobile gigs. Lead the way, Algoriddim! The opportunity is there.

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I don’t think Pioneer’s DDJ-1000 supports iPad/iOS, so it may not be an Algoriddim-issue? See list of supported software/hardware on 

But, You at algoriddim should also fix other problems with djay pro and the DDJ-1000, like the missing effects, etc. It now has been like this literally for years…