No export possible for Midi files .DjayMidiMapping


Wanted to import “DJS-2000.DjayMidiMapping” file to my laptop.
Here is the excerpt from the manual

You can also add new mapping files to djay Pro by downloading and double-clicking them.

The controller mapping files use the * .djayMidiMapping extension and will be recognizedby Windows 10 as unique to djay Pro.

I created a MIDI mapping file on the desktop PC
After I was satisfied with the result.
I tried this file to export to the laptop.

I got it working with the copy from the desktop to the laptop
the “DJS-2000.DjayMidiMapping” file !!!

But now without changes to the desktop file system the desktop DJay Pro did not accept the original “DJS-2000.DjayMidiMapping” file any longer and creates empty files like …

2 - DJS-2000 then
3 - DJS-2000 then
3 - DJS-2000 1
3 - DJS-2000 2

The problem is win 10 does not know this mapping on both Pc’s,
desktop and laptop.

“double-clicking them…” gives only error :
“unknown mapping .DjayMidiMapping”

Tried also a mapping with .DjayMidiMapping with the
“C:\Program Files\ WindowsApps \ … mt5rj6 \ djayPro.exe”
is also an access error as prohibited.

It took a lot of work to create this mapping for the DJS-2000.
Now I can only use it with the laptop but not with the desktop PC.

Do I have to do everything again?

I thought with a complete uninstall and reinstall I get the controller name “DJS-2000” back. ?
But it goes on despite new installation with the last name “3 - DJS-2000”