No history saved with djay on iOS

Hi Anders, thank you for the answer regarding the Vestax-Casio issue

The problem about History remains.
No history is saved, but it does on automix (weird thing…)

I use to play picking songs from various playlists and history, using the cue list for requests. ( automix is not usual instead warm ups)
Mainly without wifi, so based on my Itunes library.

Best example Last night:
The club has wifi, I started the warm up with an automix based on an Itunes playlist … Session was saved track by track, Great! (BUT NO Check marks on played songs)
Once I started the “party” and stopped Automix, I tapped on “New Session” and played randomly between spotify and Itunes songs. No more songs saved on history but one (from about 30 played songs) And still no check marks on played ones.

Plus, another weird thing: I noted some of the oldest songs from Itunes have a misplaced waveform. I don’t know if this can be because changes on Itunes Match?

I hope it’s a clear explanation…
Thanx in advance!

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How do you mix your songs - do you use the crossfader or line faders only?

Setting are changed. Only saves history and marks track then mixing with crossfader.

Hope they undo this change.

Line faders only, I never use the crossfader.

Any news? Upgraded to iOS 8.3 but nothing 's changed