No hits in search

When I search for a song by entering the song name in the search box, it doesn’t hit either.
So I think there is a problem with the search algorithm.
In addition, since it hits on djay Pro AI for iPad, it is a problem of iOS version.

iOS 13.4
djay Pro AI 4.1.8


This happens to me on the android version also.

I can type an artist and the list populates, but if I then start typing the track name, everything that did show up disappears.

I then have to delete the track name and go back to just the artist name, then hit enter and then have to manually scroll through all the tracks by that particular artist to find the correct one.

Sure enough, the track name is as I typed it so not sure why it can’t find it correctly.

Hi @Akifumi_Konishi,

That’s extremely unfortunate to hear but I’d be happy to assist you in whatever way I can!

To start, could you please answer the following questions for me?

Mac specific:

  1. What Mac model are you using?
  2. What version of macOS are you running?
  3. What version of djay are you using?
  4. Does this issue happen with every music library in djay?
  5. Are you able to easily recreate this issue?

iOS specific:

  1. What iPad model are you using?
  2. What version of iOS are you running?
  3. What version of djay are you using?
  4. Is this issue similar in nature to the search issue you are having on macOS?

Eagerly awaiting your response!

Mac spec:

  1. MacBook Air M1
  2. macOS Ventura 13.4.1 (c)
  3. djay Pro AI 4.1.9
  4. I have tried is searching from iTunes Library (Music Library)
  5. of course

iPad Spec:

  1. iPad mini 6
  2. iPadOS 16.5.1 (c)
  3. djay Pro AI 4.1.9
  4. Very sorry. Successful search in djay PRO AI for iOS

Wondered if I had a bad day. Experiencing same

  1. MacBookPro 16" M1
  2. Monterey
  3. djay Pro AI 4.1.9