No longer able sort/group by Album on iPad

Up until yesterday, the default way of displaying/grouping my Apple Music library in DJay Pro was by album (as they are in Apple Music). Whenever I loaded up DJay Pro the albums were there, listed in the library.

I loaded up DJay Pro on my iPad yesterday and now it only shows playlists. I’m sure there’s a simple tick box somewhere to revert back to see my library grouped and sorted by album but I cannot for the life of me see where it is?!

Can anyone help please!


Hi @robtarren,

Thank you for getting in touch.

You can change to the Albums Library display either in the extended library view (in 2 Decks Mode) by taping the third icon in the bottom left or (in Classic Mode) by tapping “Library” and selecting Albums in the pop over library.

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