No master volume idj pro

I bought mx iDjPro 2 month ago from UK ( I write from Hungary) and I use it with iPad 2 (IOS 8.1) and ddjay 2 (2.6.1 not cracked). It’s connected with RCA cable to the amplifier of my home theatre system. Sometimes when i mixing on it and I use the fx pad in the the app the master volume suddenly disappears and no more volume from both channel except Cue Monitor with headphone. Same thing happens if I use filter or change fx parameter. This failure doesn’t happen under every usage, but I often face with this. Restarting the app, ipad and idj pro resolve the issue and master volume is back.

Hi Tamás,

Thank you for contacting us.

Have you noticed if this also happens when you’re not using a controller? Also, which FX are you using exactly?

OK thanks, I’ll try to replicate the problem.

Hi Warren,

It only happens when I use controller. I usually use Reverb and Sweep Delay.