No midi mapping is available for looper start/stop and volume


I am trying to start and stop the looper (not individual tracks but all of them) and be able to control the looper volume from my controller. I cannot find these functions in the midi mapping configuration.

Is it possible to add them?


Hi Sina,

Thank you for pointing that out. We are working on a general start and stop of the looper :slight_smile:

Stay tuned and feel free to provide more feedback.

Cheers,Lukas E.


Thank you for your feebdack.

Pushed the topic internally and it is on our agenda.


Lukas E.

Thanks for your reply. MIDI mapping for the volume control is higher priority in my opinion. As the start/stop button can be pressed easily at the bottom of the screen, however looper volume is not trivial. - Sina.

Any update on this?

Hi Lukas,

It has been nearly a year since I suggested this trivial request. Without the main volume of the looper mapped, this function is hard to use in real life situations. I thought it should be pretty trivial to add this mapping to the MIDI mappings. How long do you think we should wait for this function to appear so that we can use the looper, which is a great function?


I would really like to be able to assign the looper functions to MIDI controls.

I agree with Sina, I have mixon 4 reloop controller, and I would like to map the main volume for all loopers to the main slider for crossafade since I rarely used it for that purpose.