No new features since launch of djay Pro

Djay is an *app*!

That means adding features - while not claiming it’s trivial - is certainly more feasible than adding features to a hardware setup.

But, we haven’t gotten any new DJ’ing features since the Launch of Djay Pro. Just have a look at the version history. Mostly compatibility and bug fixes.

There is soo much wasted potential not being utilized.

  • Where are the the settings to adjust how the eq behaves, to taste, such as completely killing the lo- mid- or hi-band??

  • Where is the setting to adjust the hi- lo- filter so I get to choose how much resonance *I* want - and again, completely kill a track, instead of always ending up with fizzle in the trebble and muddy boomyness in the bass?

  • Why can’t I load loops into the sample pads and also have them tempo synced?

  • Why can’t I sample a section/loop of a track to the sample pads?

  • It’d be really nice to have a section and/or bar-indicator in the thumbnail waveform.

  • Why can’t I have delay/echo effects fade out when the track is killed? As it is, the effect is killed along with the track.

Overall I love the app to death, but it’s shortcomings are beginning to show.
I’ve posted this under ‘Problem’ because that is what I think it is.

My guess is that we are not seeing major feature improvements to Djay because of the Spotify integration.
If Djay where to get a more solid set of features and customizable settings on the audio and performance side, Djay might be risking having Spotify integration pulled just like VirtualDJ.

At this point, having a “Pro” version is starting to look a bit like a joke, seeing as there haven’t been any “pro” enhancements to speak of.

Please, prove me wrong!